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Are You Shampooing Your Hair Correctly?

Are you washing your hair properly?

We assume we are washing our hair correctly-I mean we’ve been doing it for years obviously I’m doing ok right?

Well chances are there are some things you can adjust to help promote scalp and hair health and this article is going to help you nail down shampoo tips to get your best hair!

  1. You may need a pre-shampoo treatment, if you are going longer between washes using some type of preshampoo treatment can break down build of dry shampoo and oil.
  2. Shampoo your hair twice (Yes, we are telling you to rinse and repeat) the first shampoo removes product, build up, and all the icky stuff that your hair likes to hold onto. The second wash actually cleanses your scalp. Make sure you are really getting in there and exfoliating your scalp, this is made even easier with a scalp exfoliator.
  3. Condition from the mids to ends, keep the conditioner away from your scalp as much as possible while still moisturizing all your ends and giving them the love they deserve. If you want to go the extra mile you can comb though those luscious locks with a wide tooth comb to distribute product evenly.
  4. Dry shampoo right after your hair is dry, don’t wait for your scalp to get oily. You will use less dry shampoo overtime by doing this since it won’t get overly oily your product won’t have to work as hard
  5. Don’t Shampoo too often! Shampooing daily can actually trick your scalp into thinking it's dry because your scalp is constantly being stripped of all the oil it needs so you will start to overproduce oil leading to an oiler scalp overtime.

We hope our hot tips help you achieve your best shiniest hair! Pick up our scalp exfoliator instore and when you come in ask one of the beautiful people around what the best shampoo is for your hair type and texture!